Epson Perfection V750 – Review

Being able to scan 12 slides at a time is a godsend, but it does take about an hour with ICE turned on to scan 12 slides, but you can turn it on and just leave it. I cant see any noticeable difference in speed between the firewire and usb cables. The quality of the scans are very good, but again I cant see any noticeable difference between the v750 and the V600 – but it was worth the extra money just for the extra sets of slides per scans, but it is expensive, if you dont have £500 to spare, I would consider a slide scanning service.


Digital ICE

Have had various results with ICE on the epson v600, minor dust and scratches seem to be ok, which I guess is what I want it for the most, but I also end up with ghosting around some of the images. I wonder if its better to scan without ICE and then use photoshop to remove the scratches and dust. Does anyone else have a view ?

Slide Scanner Costs

Doing some research into 35mm slide scanners, there are a whole range of options out there, is it the case that you pay your money and take your choice ? Does a £50 dedicated slide scanner really perform worse then a £280 scanner ? Looking at the customer reviews, it does seem that the more you spend, the better quality you get, but how much can you afford ? If you want a top quality image without paying £250 or above for the best scanners, perhaps using a dedicated 35mm scanning service is what you need, you get the low price with the scans from a high end scanner.

Ice dust & scratch removal vs air cleaner

Ive got hundreds of slides to scan, some are over 40 years old and are a bit dusty. Should i just use ice technology to clean them, or should i clean them first using an air compressor and not use the ice?

Does anyone have any experience ?

What side to scan from ?

35mm Slides

35mm Slides

I’ve got some old Kodakchrome slides that clearly state “view from this side” and others that are just blank. How can you tell which side you should scan from ? I originally tried finding a picture with writing on it, someone told me to look at the curvature of the film within the slide, and you should view from the side where it curves out. Does anyone disagree ?

Epson Perfection v600 vs v700

35mm Slides

35mm Slides

For a good review on the Epson perfection V700 – Click Here – and another for the V600 Click here . These both seem to be top quality scanners, Amazon has the V700 for £400 (here), and the V600 for £240 (here) – does the extra bit of tiny quality justify the price ? I would be interested in your views.

One BIG difference between the two is that the V600 can only scan 4 slides at a time, the V700 can do 12, this could save you days of scanning time if you are doing them self, rather than going for a slide scanning service

Scanning services

Rather than purchasing an expensive scanner, i could send my slides to an external company, done some searching on google, these guys seem to know what they are doing, but this lot seem to be a cheap photo scanning service,  does anyone have any experiences ?

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